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RESULTS of 20mph speed limit survey

High Street

Langton Matravers Speed Survey.

The recent speed survey, proposing a defined 20 mph limit in the village, was hugely successful and the results most encouraging.

I want to thank all those who took the time to complete the questionnaire. My thanks, also, to the Clerk and members of the Parish Council for their help.

The numerical results were:

  • Around 350 survey leaflets were distributed to the majority of occupied houses.
  • 126 replies received or 36% of distributed leaflets
  • 239 votes recorded of which 219 (92%) supported the proposed 20 mph, while 11 (8%) were against.

Main comments made in replies:

  • Many supporting comments and thanks for the survey
  • Cyclists considered to be a particular danger, particularly those coming downhill at speed from the west (Kingston)
  • Need for 20 mph zone to be policed.
  • Some suggested adjustments to the proposed 20 mph zone
  • Possible use of speed bumps/rumble strips in centre of the village

Way Ahead: 

  • Organise a mandatory 7-day speed survey, installed by Dorset Council using speed strips, to substantiate the need for a 20 mph zone.
  • Investigate use of measures and sanctions to slow traffic and cyclists
  • Consider use of Dorset Community Speed Watch
  • In due course, ask Dorset Highways for a site meeting to discuss village proposals.
  • Consult More 4 Bus regarding possible measures

Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle

!4 June 2020