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Consultation on reintroduction of beavers – have your say.

DEFRA are consulting on the reintroduction of beavers in England: see the links below for further information.

Landmark consultation launched on the reintroduction of beavers in England – GOV.UK (

Beaver reintroduction and management in England – GOV.UK (

Consultation on approach to beaver reintroduction and management in England – Defra – Citizen Space

There are 9 pages to the consultation process in total. You are able to return to previous pages to make further edits once you have continued to the next page. You can also save your progress so far by requesting a link sent to you by email, so that you can return and complete the information at a later date. The closing date is 17th November.

Some additional information on reintroductions and future available support for farmers has been provided as links within the consultation. The PDF does not contain the active links, but these pages can be found as follows:

Reintroductions and conservation translocations in England: code, guidance and forms – GOV.UK (

Beaver reintroductions in England 2000 – 2021 – JP036 (

The Path to Sustainable Farming: An Agricultural Transition Plan 2021 to 2024 (

Sustainable Farming Incentive: Defra’s plans for piloting and launching the scheme – GOV.UK (

Agricultural Transition Plan: June 2021 progress update – GOV.UK (

Gen Crisford of the National Trust says:

‘As a result of the stakeholder engagement work that we have done over the past 2 years, we feel like we have a good idea of the local management needs and the government support that will be needed to make a beaver reintroduction work well in Purbeck. We recognise the need to support farmers and landowners and to manage impacts where required. If you would like to understand any of the issues that local people here have raised before responding to the consultation, please do get in touch.

As part of the Planet Purbeck festival, I will be present at the Mowlem theatre on Saturday 25th September in the afternoon, if you would like to drop by for a chat. I will also be working with our project partners to ensure that any relevant information and support is available to you throughout the coming months and I will share any learning opportunities as they arise.’ [end]