Parish Council Office, 1A The High Street, Langton Matravers, Dorset BH19 3EU 01929 425100

The Parish Council’s Community Natural Amenity Area is now open ! Thanks to lots of volunteer labour and new gates supplied by the National Trust and Paul Loudoun, we now have a small but perfectly-formed woodland trail which starts (or finishes) at a small gate just east of the end of the allotments (pictured). It winds through trees and shrubs, with places for making dens and beetle-hunting, and ends up in our community orchard where the new fruit trees have just finished blossoming. The top gate is just beyond the South end of Garfield Lane. The Pre-School and Scouts have already been enjoying the area, and we’d love it if you would come and have a look too. It’s a great place for children and grandchildren, nature study or just for being quiet.