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Langton’s Volunteer of the Year !

(PDC Report):

‘Volunteers from across the District of Purbeck have received thanks and recognition for their hard work at a ceremony hosted by District Council Chairman, Bill Trite. Seventeen Purbeck towns and villages nominated volunteers who have made an invaluable contribution to the wellbeing of their communities. The individuals were awarded certificates at the annual event in Wareham. Since 2009, the event has celebrated the determination displayed by the many people who work tirelessly and selflessly to make our towns and villages better places in which to live.

The ceremony, held on 12 March 2019, was the 11th Purbeck District Volunteers of the Year ceremony; the outstanding achievements of over 150 individuals and groups have been recognised by the District Council during that time. Councillor Trite, and over 50 guests, heard of the energy, enthusiasm and commitment displayed by the volunteers. After presenting each volunteer with a scroll to mark his or her achievement, Councillor Trite told them: “Sure enough, it’s been another year during which volunteering has become yet more important for keeping the fabric of our society together, for helping those in greatest need, and for maintaining the quality of local life. It’s my privilege to thank you for what you do in Purbeck, and through you to thank all Purbeck volunteers whom you are, in effect, representing. You’re the deserving tip of what is – thankfully – a proverbial iceberg. Thank you for the difference you make. Estimates I’ve found for the total value of volunteering in England vary between £23bn and £46bn. That’s a big variance, but even if the lowest estimate were the reality, it’s still a huge figure which wouldn’t be made up by any other means. And the highest rate of volunteering in England is to be found in the south-west.”

Councillor Trite continued: “Volunteers are critical to filling the gap between individual and community resources on the one hand, and those provided by the State (central and local government) on the other. Demands on the State are open-ended and governments have traditionally been reluctant to let taxation rip in order to meet it all. Volunteers are therefore essential. In just over two weeks we shall see the end of Purbeck District Council. I and my colleagues have put down the marker that we want to see this recognition of volunteers continued next year and thereafter, even if Westport House ceases to be used for local government purposes. I promise you that the new Dorset Council will be made to see the value of what has been done here in Purbeck, because it should rightly be extended to other areas rather than be allowed to lapse.”

Councillor Trite concluded: “Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves. The ultimate test of character is what you are willing to do for those who can never be of any possible use to you.”

Seventeen parishes and towns across the District nominated Volunteers of the Year for 2018.

The Volunteers of the Year:

  • Affpuddle and Turnerspuddle – Eve Badcock
  • Arne – Mr John Burgess
  • Bere Regis –  Pat Wharf
  • Chaldon Herring – Jeremy Selfe
  • East Lulworth – Jenny Manuel
  • East Stoke and East Holme (joint nomination) – Jon Moulton, Joy Allen and Rachel Gamble
  • Langton Matravers –  Marjorie Glassock
  • Lytchett Matravers – Linda Perry
  • Lytchett Minster and Upton – June Richards
  • Morden – Sarah Bowerman
  • Studland – Stephen Yeoman
  • Swanage – Alan Dominy
  • Wareham – Sue Dean
  • Wareham St Martin – Paul Eyles
  • Winfrith Newburgh and East Knighton – Pat Yonwin
  • Wool – Alan Osgood (end of PDC report)