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Online Dubber during the pandemic: a message from the team

The Dubber
While the Coronavirus crisis lasts we will stop printing the
Dubber to avoid any possibility that the infection might be caught
by handling the magazine. However the good news is that we will
continue to produce it on line at
Angela will also e-mail a link (which you just have to click on to
open the magazine) to as many as possible via established
groups in the villages. If you have a mailing list for your society
or group please let Angela know, so that she can send the link
each month to you, so that you can e-mail it on. Also let her
know if you think you’re not on any list.
Because it is on line we will be able to use colour for photos and
adverts. So please send in to the editor at
any stories or photos you think would be of interest.
The Dubber’s aim is to help us all stay connected and informed

The link is: