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What’s going on ? Perenco Seismic Surveys in the Parish

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You may have noticed loud noises, poles, pile drivers an other technical paraphernalia in the fields around the village in recent days. This is Perenco’s survey team working on seismic surveys, We have just been sent information by Perenco:

Perenco UK Limited (PUK) has commissioned Geofizika Torun (GT) to undertake a three-dimensional
(3D) geophysical survey within an 84 square kilometre area covering parts of Kimmeridge, East Holme,
Creech, Stoborough, Church Knowle, Corfe Castle, Worth Matravers, Langton Matravers, Parish areas.
The survey is being conducted with the aim of obtaining the best possible image of the subsurface geology.
Works will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Petroleum Act 1998 under licence
PEDL 328, ML005 and PL 89 as issued to PUK by the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA). The survey will,
in addition, be conducted in accordance with Schedule 2 Part 17 Class K of the Town and Country
Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015.
Surveying operations will be confined predominantly to open farmland and a few roads. The process will
initially involve several specially adapted small agricultural tractors drilling regularly spaced shot holes
(approximately 6m deep) along a series of pre-determined traverse lines. Each shot hole will be loaded with
a small seismic source charge.
An extensive network of passive receiver nodes will then be positioned on the ground surface. Once
sufficient nodal spread is in situ, data recording will commence. Individual shot hole falling within the active
recording spread will be revisited and the source charge fired, possibly producing a slight muffled ‘thud’.
Alternatively, the source will be provided by two slow moving specialist tractor units, travelling along roads
and tracks, stopping at regular intervals and sending a vibration frequency signal into the ground. There will
be occasions where temporary road closures will be in place, it is anticipated that these will only be
effective for a short period whilst we carry out the work. The data recording will slowly migrate across the
survey area until the works are completed.
Nodes will not be placed directly within the public carriageway, footpaths, bridleways and/or driveway
entrances, so vehicular and pedestrian access will not be restricted. It is anticipated individual nodes will be
left in position for approximately 10 to 14 days before being retrieved.
Survey preparations will commence mid-August 2019, and should be completed by late September 2019.
Prior consultation on the survey has been undertaken with the relevant local councils, statutory bodies and
the police. Close liaison with all the above will be maintained throughout the survey.
PUK would kindly ask for your patience and co-operation during all phases of the survey and will do its best
to avoid any disturbance.
Please note: all properties fronting each survey traverse line will receive an additional information leaflet
prior to nodal deployment commencing.
Should you require additional information please contact Perenco UK Limited at Wytch Farm,
Furzebrook Road, Wareham, Dorset BH20 5AR Tel: 01929 476000. Alternatively contact the local
office by email:’

(end of Public Notice)

A leaflet can be downloaded below:

Survey Leaflet

The National Trust recently supplied the Parish Council with a public statement about its position re: the surveys on its land, including FAQs.

NT Perenco statement for Langton