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Points raised by Acton residents concerning future parking arrangements in the parish.


In light of the similarity of comments from Acton residents concerning possible solutions for future vehicle parking in the parish, the parish council at their meeting on 13th January, decided to answer matters raised in one document.


  • The Car Park Working Group (CPWG), chaired by Cllr IVA, has not reached any conclusion/s or recommendations in respect of future parking facilities in the parish.
  • The CPWG does not take decisions; it merely reports to the parish council on its deliberations.
  • No decision has been taken regarding the future of Spyway car park, although it seems clear there may well be a problem once Spyway Orchard and other developments bordering ‘Spyway Lane’ are occupied.
  • The CPWG has completed its work in accordance with established procedures. It does not produce notes of its deliberations. If appropriate, the CPWG does make recommendations to the parish council, which would be recorded in the minutes of the council meeting.  Such procedures are now available for all to see on the parish website.
  • A preliminary meeting has been held with the NT to consider matters relating to vehicle parking, in particular the number of vehicles generated by commercial companies, operating under licence to the NT.
  • Considering that almost all the land in the parish is owned by the NT, it follows that any solution to provide additional parking would be made by them, not the parish.
  • Once any proposal is formulated about vehicle parking, there will be extensive public consultation. Any firm proposal is unlikely in the short term.
  • The views of residents likely to be affected by any plan would be sought prior to the publication of any firm proposals.

Cllr Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle

17 January 2022