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Spyway Orchard News – Latest @26.2.2021.

Priest's Way

LATEST: (26.2.2021 – from Ben Simpson (Drew Smith/Vistry): 

‘My first update is with regard to ground conditions and the relationship this has with the Traffic Management Plan. Due to irregularities in the seam of Purbeck stone, many of the foundations across site will need to be dug deeper and will therefore require more concrete. Because of this we will require more concrete deliveries on the days we are pouring foundations than is currently possible when taking into account the restrictions of our Traffic Management Plan. The only way we will be able to achieve our foundation pours is to extend the traffic management plan to our full hours of work 0800-1800 on the days we plan to pour. I will be able to provide 2-3 days’ notice via this update to inform you of the dates on which this will occur and it should only effect somewhere in the region of 15-20 working days throughout the remainder of the scheme. I do apologise for any convenience caused but please rest assured that the drivers of the concrete vehicles are well aware of the location of the school and the care they need to take whilst turning onto Durnford Drove, particularly at certain times of the day. This being the case next Monday 01 March we will be pouring foundations on site so please expect to see concrete deliveries between 0800-1800.

My second update is in relation to the turning circle at the bottom of Durnford Drove. We have applied to Dorset County Council for road space so we can complete our connection to the foul drainage run which is located there.  This work will result in restricted vehicle access to the turning circle (i.e single carriageway access with the remainder of the turning circle barriered off) and the National Trust car park between 08-15 March and full closure of the same vehicle route for the period between 15-23 March. These dates are not yet set-in-stone and I will confirm through these means once they do go firm. With regard to pedestrian access to the Spyway it will remain possible throughout the whole period via the style located at the NW corner of the turning circle. Langton House and the National Trust have already been made aware of the information I’ve provided above. It is our intention to complete these works as soon as possible so normal access can resume ready for the governments easing of lockdown restrictions. The restrictions will also mean that we won’t be receiving any large deliveries during the period of road closure.

Finally over the coming weeks I will be erecting x3 signs around the edge of the turning circle. Two of these will be “No contractor parking” signs and one will be an arrow directing construction traffic to the main entrance of site. I applied for, and received permission from the Highways department of Dorset County Council in order to do this.

Thank you again for your patience with regard to these matters.’ (end)


  1. Just to keep you in the loop I’ve received permission from the Highways dept of Dorset County Council to display the 3 signs as described in my initial email. [at Durnford Drove turning circle]
  2. Just a note to inform you that I will have 2x operatives and an excavator on site tomorrow morning. They will not be starting up their machine until 0800 and they will be working no later than 1300 (in line with planning arrangement for Saturday working). Generally speaking it’s likely that there will be people working on Saturday mornings more regularly than not from hereon in. I will notify you of this with as much notice as possible however there will be occasions like today when I won’t be able to make a decision on it until Friday morning. (end)


“I am writing to inform you that as of next Monday 15th February I will be allowing deliveries to site between 0800-1600. These amended delivery times will remain in place until either the school returns to full capacity or the traffic situation changes. If a phased return to full capacity is implemented by the school I will review the delivery hours periodically. I have informed the school of these changes and the reasons why I’ve come to the decision.

The phase of build we are currently in requires a large amount of aggregate to be delivered to site, as well as a large amount of soil to be removed from it. It will be beneficial to extend delivery hours now (whilst school related traffic on Durnford Drove is reduced) in order to decrease the frequency of site traffic later on when the roads and school have returned to normality.” (end)


“Starting from this Thursday 28th Jan we will begin receiving deliveries of aggregate and removing spoil from site throughout each day (between 0900-1500). These deliveries/ collections relate to the construction of the road on site and they will be ongoing for a number of months. In order to cut down on the amount of traffic we will be using the same lorries that deliver the aggregate to collect the spoil. The lorries will have their wheels washed on departure from site to prevent mud transfer onto the roads.

Further to this I will be having a further 3 shipping containers delivered to site, 1 on Thursday 28th Jan and 2 on Friday 29th Jan, likewise these deliveries will take place between (0900-1500).” (end)


This from Dorset Council’s Mike Garriity, head of Planning, Economic Growth and Infrastructure:

“Just so you are aware, the Flood Risk Management Team confirmed they are content with the drainage details  for the Spyway Orchard permission and so the pre-commencement planning conditions have now been discharged. This means the developer is now able to commence ground works.’ (end)