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28th January 2019 – Latest.

The Highways Authority are aware of the issues with the junction.

Andrew Bradley, the Project Engineer, recently sent the following:

‘The team watched 6 hours of video footage (speeded up 18 times!!) and in the 6 hours only 3 vehicles turned left back towards Corfe.  Only one vehicle had issues.  No vehicles went the wrong side of the island.

We’ve decided to get an enumerator to go through the week’s footage to see if we can find who is driving over the verge.

Note all the buses handled the junction fine although the back end does overhang the other lane BUT from our video session no real conflicts were apparent. 

We’ll see what comes back from the full week.  And the crossing is being well used.

 (end of Andrew’s report).

At its January meeting LMPC agreed to ask DCC Highways to provide a larger sign for the route to Wareham at Leeson Gate (via Three Acre lane), and a ‘No Left Turn’ sign at the junction. The issue of the 30mph limit is already in the system and will be reassessed when the junction layout alterations are complete.

If anyone wishes to discuss the matter in person with the Project Engineer, Andrew Bradley, he can be contacted on 01305 224837.