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Virtual Meeting Attendance Procedure

Individual members of the public may be admitted to virtual meetings of the Council in accordance with the following procedure.

Once the agenda for a meeting has been published members of the public may apply for admittance to the virtual meeting in question by emailing their request to the Clerk. In the email they will need provide the full names of all those who will be attending from their location. All such requests will need to be made before noon on the day prior to the meeting. In order to participate members of the public must have access to Zoom technology. The Clerk will provide the meeting administrator with the full list of applicants together with their email addresses no later than 10.00 am on the date of the meeting.

The meeting administrator will send out “Zoom” invitations to applicants no later than one hour prior to the meeting.  Having received an invitation, members of the public may initiate their Zoom application to join the meeting, though they should be mindful that the meeting administrator may not open the session until some 20 minutes before the scheduled start time. Members of the public will be held in a Zoom waiting room until admitted by the meeting administrator. The administrator will only admit those whose Zoom screen name finds a match on the invitee list (members of the public who are unfamiliar with how to change screen name can find ample advice and assistance by googling “how do I change my zoom screen name”). All invitees must agree to have their access to the meeting via audio and video managed by the administrator.

A condition of the invitation is that the invitee will not share the meeting id and/or password with others. Any breach of this condition will result in that invitee being barred from the current and future meetings. The Chairman of the meeting may eject and/or bar members of the public from the meeting as and when he thinks it fit to do so.