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WARNING – Road narrowing/closure at S end of Durnford Drove, 8th-23rd March

This on 2,3,2021 from Ben Simpson, Drew Smith/Vistry, working on the Spyway Orchard Devt:

“In relation to the works in the turning circle I mentioned in my previous update, we have now received a road space licence from Dorset Council Highways for the period 08-23 March.

The work will result in restricted vehicle access to the turning circle (i.e single carriageway access with the remainder of the turning circle barriered off) and the National Trust car park between 08-15 March and full closure of the same vehicle route for the period between 15-23 March. With regard to pedestrian access to the Spyway it will remain possible throughout the whole period via the style located at the NW corner of the turning circle. With this in mind our groundworks sub-contractor has kindly provided illustrations (attached) of how you can expect the diversion/ closure to look. The Phase 1 illustration refers to the period between 08-15 March, the Phase 2 illustration refers to the period between 15-23 March.

As I stated before it is our intention to complete these works as soon as possible so normal access can resume ready for the governments easing of lockdown restrictions. Let me apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.” (end)