Parish Council Office, 1A The High Street, Langton Matravers, Dorset BH19 3HA 01929 425100

Contact Us

The best way to contact the Parish Council is via the Parish Clerk using the contact details below:

The Parish Clerk
The Parish Council Office.
1A The High Street
Langton Matravers
Dorset BH19 3EU
Tel: 01929 425100


At present the phone is monitored once a week. If you leave a message someone will call you back when the message is picked up. We are working with the telecom company to re-direct calls, but this service is not yet available on your line.
The office will usually be open Tuesday’s between 12noon and 3pm, however due to various other role commitments, it may from time to time be necessary to be off site during this times. Before you visit the Parish Office please call or email the Clerk to ensure she will be there. Specific appointments can be made for other days if required.


Communicating with the Council

You can contact the Council by e-mail, telephone, in writing or by calling at the Council office by appointment.

All correspondence received at the Parish Office addressed to the Council or Clerk will be considered to be in the public domain, unless personally confidential or marked at the top as ‘Private’ and/or ‘Confidential’.  Copies of any communications may be circulated to Cllrs.

The Clerk will not accept or process any messages addressed to the Council sent to an e-mail address other than the Council’s.

The Council welcomes contact with the community; this is a vital part of the democratic process. However, the Clerk has limited time in which to carry out a wide range of duties: it would therefore be helpful if communications were as brief and clear as possible. Please try to avoid the following:

  • Serial requests for information, serial complaints or serial grievances about different matters
  • Requests, complaints or grievances that regularly focus on a trivial matter to an extent which is out of proportion to its significance
  • Grievances that are constantly reiterated which are without substance and have no foundation
  • Pursuing complaints which have already been investigated and determined

If their persistence adversely affects the Council’s ability to do its work, the Council may consider these complaints as vexatious. The Council recognises that it is important to distinguish between people who make a number of complaints because they genuinely believe things have gone wrong, and people who are simply being difficult. The Council acknowledges that complainants will often be frustrated and aggrieved and it is therefore important to consider the merits of their case rather than their attitude.

For further information, please consult the ‘Communications and Social Media Policy’ and  ‘Complaints Procedure’ on the ‘Governance and Polices’ line of the drop-down menu under ‘Parish Council’ on our website.

Adopted by Council 14.10.2021