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Cleaning up Dancing Ledge and Hedbury coastal beauty spots – a partnership between the National Trust, LMPC, Love Langton and Land and Wave.

Coasteering company Land and Wave teamed up with our litter picking group Love Langton, and the National Trust’s ranger team to litter pick Dancing Ledge and Hedbury coastal quarries at the end of April, with insurance covered by Langton Parish Council.  Sixteen newly-trained instructors from Land and Wave joined two Love Langton volunteers, Bridget Mayes and Teresa Scott, and Jon Leyland, from the National Trust ranger team. As a result of their hard work, six bulging bags of litter were picked on the routes to and at these beauty spots. Litter levels are going down on Dancing Ledge with only two bags of litter found; Hedbury yielded four bags as it doesn’t get picked as much. Discarded barbecues, bottles, cans and even dog poo bags were among the litter removed. Our thanks to the National Trust, as always, and very many thanks to Land and Wave for this initiative and for helping to keep these locations as litter-free as possible in the course of your regular sessions here in Langton.