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Draft Notes of LMPC informal meeting with Aster/Drew Smith, 25th September 2020 on Zoom.

The aim of the meeting (called by LMPC) was to find out more about plans for the management of the Spyway Orchard building project, to air concerns and to ensure that the local community is properly informed and disturbance caused by the works is kept to a minimum. Representatives of Aster and Drew Smith joined members of LMPC on Zoom.

Cllr Knight welcomed everyone. He noted that this meeting is purely for exchange of information; no formal decisions can or will be made by LMPC.

Drew Smith will be leading the construction of the project.

  1. Traffic Concerns.

Cllr V-A set out the parish’s concerns, as outlined in its ‘Construction Traffic Management Requirements’ document (Feb 2020), already circulated to Aster/Drew Smith.  Cllr V-A explained about concurrent large developments in the village, plans for a 20mph speed limit and problems with access to Spyway Car Park (National Trust) up the private road, with concerns about the ditch along the W side. ACTION: Aster to establish whether they own the ditch as well as the track. He asked Aster/Drew Smith to consider the following:

  1.  Provide a timetable for movements of heavy traffic which could be disseminated locally to allow residents to take appropriate action.
  2.  Offroad parking for all vehicles of personnel engaged in work on the site; there is no space on Durnford Drove.
  3. ALL vehicles to enter and exit the village to the West; the centre of the village is one-lane-only and very narrow in places, Crack Lane and Three Acre lane are both unsuitable for HGVs, and Coombe junction (with A351) cannot be safely negotiated either as a left turn from B3069 to A351, or right turn from A351 (west side) into B3069, the only manageable way to negotiate the junction with a large vehicle is from the Swanage (East) side of the A351.
  4.  When prepared, LMPC would like sight of Drew Smith’s Traffic Management plan for the development.

Jim Mole of Drew Smith  responded. He runs and cycles in the area, and is sympathetic to the issues raised. DS have been in touch with the school, and matters already agreed include;

  • No deliveries before 9am, and none after 3pm.
  • Provision for parking of 25 vans/cars on the site; this will initially be accessed from Mr Turner’s barn, though the main access on the SE corner of Durnford Dove turning circle will be used as development progresses.
  • Prior to commencement of scheme, adjacent residents will be contacted by ‘door knock’ and there will be a letter drop to the whole village. JM will be the contact person.
  • Monthly e-mail update about what is coming up.
  • Weekly e-mail alerts about eg large vehicle movements (cranes etc).
  • All vehicles will enter and exit from the West.

JM said that building might start by the end of October and take c. 62 weeks, though he will update us as necessary.

  1. Planning Conditions.

WK outlined current concerns about flooding issues to the South of the site, and the planning conditions relating to water management on the site, which have to be met before works commences.

Nigel Jarvis (AsterJ explained that drainage is a concern; they are working with the DC Flood Management Team. He explained the criteria for Surface Water management, which include provision for storm events + 40% for Climate Change; this will be achieved through use of attenuation tanks. DC Flood Management Team will scrutinise the plans before signing off.  WK warned of the unease within the village on the matter.

The Clerk asked that in future LMPC/the community be advised when work, such as the recent environmental operation to move newts, is about to take place. NJ apologised. ACTION: JM to ensure that information about any future activity on the site be forwarded to LMPC in a timely manner.

  1. Trees.

Cllr Christie noted LMPC’s initial concerns about excessive ‘management’ of trees on the site in a previous arboricultural report. Following a site meeting with LMPC in February 2020, Graham Cox, DC Tree Officer, had recommended that only 37 trees be felled, to allow work on the site, rather than 130 mentioned in the previous plan. He asked that LMPC’s tree policy for the replacement of trees (3xBNS c. 2.5m min for each tree felled) be followed. NJ responded that they would be following Mr Cox’s recommendation for 37 trees felled; this forms part of the Reserved Matters.

Cllr Christie asked to see Aster’s tree replacement policy. ACTION: NJ

Cllr Christie also asked why the new road on the site does not end in a turning circle ? DT responded that this is not required as it is a private road, and there is enough space for even large vehicles (eg bin lorries) to turn by the flats.

4) Communication.

WK said that past communications between the community and Aster/Drew Smith had not always been as effective as LMPC had hoped. JM said that in future matters concerned with day-to-day running of the site will be his responsibility; other matters such as queries about eg a Section 106 agreement can also go through him and will be passed to the relevant person. The idea of a website or social media link for parishioners were mentioned, and also a monthly report in the parish magazine, the Dubber. Cllr Pearson suggested a WhatsApp group for each road in the village to disseminate information. She also noted the need to be aware of the bus timetable (hourly) and Suttle’s Quarry lorries when planning large vehicular movements: it might be worth contacting MoreBus and Suttles. The National Trust would also benefit from being ‘kept in the loop’, and could perhaps be added to the mailing list.

Cllr Pearson asked about Aster/Drew Smith’s Covid policy, especially if there is another lockdown. JM explained that stringent measures are in place, though construction sites are likely to remain open. They follow guidance and procedures as directed by the Construction Leadership Council. This includes:

  • 2m social distancing rule unless risk assessed
  • Risk Assessments for all activities
  • Toilet facilities on site with regular cleaning
  • Digital induction for all workers, then ‘military square’
  • Temperature checks for all on arrival at site
  • Trades working within their own bubbles
  1. Conclusion. Those present were all invited to make a final statement.

Aster is proud to be building affordable housing in the village, and is looking forward to an ongoing relationship with the community once the development is finished. Communication will be key to a successful project. LMPC were thanked for a really useful meeting.

Jim Mole (Drew Smith)  asked  that e-mail addresses be sent through to start the e-mail list to disseminate information. He will be talking to the school about possible support activities. He noted that he had been in touch with Graham Cox, DC Tree Officer, and A/DS are not working outside their brief: Graham had identified tree management issues on the Northern boundary of the site.