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LMPC’s Construction Traffic Management Requirements

The following document was agreed by LMPC in February 2020 and circulated to all developers with larger sites in the village (Spyway Orchard, OMH, Crack Lane) 

Construction Traffic Management Requirements

For development of sites in Langton Matravers village.

The Law

  1. The law requires that a construction site, of any size, must ensure that vehicles and pedestrians using the site can approach and move around the construction site safely.



The following requirements apply to all developments of five or more houses in the parish of Langton Matravers and must be reflected in any statement submitted in support of a planning application or be adopted before building commences.


Material Planning Considerations

  1. Langton Matravers is a small village mostly built on either side of the B3069, busy, ‘single lane’ in parts due to legally parked cars and with reduced visibility from access roads. In principle, all construction related vehicles, other than cars, should be required to enter the village from the west and exit the village towards the west on the B3069.  No construction traffic should pass through the centre of the village.  Depending on the location of the proposed development, access to the site may have to be adjusted.  Any adjustment will have to be agreed by the Parish Council.
  2. It is incumbent on developers to ensure residents, particularly the young, the disabled and the elderly, living in the immediate area to the site, are afforded protection from excessive traffic movements and indiscriminate parking of works related vehicles.
  3. Ensure that existing domestic waste collections are not disrupted

Non-Material Considerations

  1. The More Bus 40 hourly service runs between Poole and Swanage, through Langton Matravers every day.  This service is vital to the wellbeing of the village and must not be disrupted by construction traffic.
  2. George’s Primary School is located on the northern side of the B3069, near the west end of the village. Great care is needed by drivers when in the vicinity of the school.
  3. Provision of ample on-site parking facilities for construction vehicles, site staff and visitors.
  4. Where necessary, designate storage areas for skips and materials.
  5. Potential issues, including noise, disturbance and fumes arising from the inevitable increase in traffic.
  6. Publish work pattern including days/times, specifically to include movement of waste and building materials.
  7. Signage to/from the site on the B3069 and to the Site Office.
  8. Nominate official and contact responsible for traffic matters.
  9. Matters, if required, to preserve and maintain existing pedestrian Rights of Way.

Construction Traffic Management Plan

  1. Normally required as part of a Planning Application. If not, should be submitted, to include points raised by this paper, before construction commences. (end)

In addition, it was agreed with Drew Smith (Spyway Orchard) before the build began that all construction traffic would enter and leave the village from the West, avoiding the hours before 9am and after 3pm.