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Wildlife links – How YOU can help the environment.

This from Tom Clarke, our local National Trust engagement officer:

As you are probably aware nature is in crisis. The State of Nature Report released this October has 40 % of U.K. species in decline, and 15 % at risk of extinction.

All of Purbeck’s nature conservation organisations are working to improve Purbeck’s nature reserve’s, by joining them up, making them bigger and managing them better for nature. But that is not enough. Everyone has a role to play and every scrap of land that can have some value for nature will be important in reversing the decline. There are many things as individuals we can do in our gardens, see the links for various ideas. As a community we can think bigger and a working group has been established to work with the National Trust to link Langton with the work the Trust is doing with its tenants to improve South Purbeck for nature.

Check out the links below for inspiration:

RSPB – they have a lot of information of how to give nature a home in your garden:

Dorset Wildlife Trust – they too have a lot of information about how to improve your garden for nature:

Woodland Trust – have advice on how to plant trees (and a free pack of trees for schools and community groups):


Let Langton’s Environmental Working Group know what YOU are doing – contact the Parish Office or Cllr Christie. Talk to all your friends and relations and encourage them to get involved.